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Each Full Test Kit will be posted out free of charge and will contain payment information.

A Full Test Kit includes:

  •      2x dropping sample bags
  •      2x throat swabs
  •      1x information sheet.
  •      A self addressed envelope (postage not included).

But if you prefer, you can send any combination you choose;

  •      1x swab = £5.00 / €7.00
  •      2x swabs = £10.00 / €14.00
  •      1x dropping sample = £5.00 / €7.00
  •      2x dropping sample = £10.00 / €7.00
  •      1x swab + 1x dropping sample = £10.00 / €14.00
  •      1x swab + 2x dropping sample = £15.00 / €20.00
  •      2x swab + 1x dropping sample = £15.00 / €20.00
  •      2x swab + 2x dropping sample = £15.00 / €20.00

Upon receipt of a kit containing samples for testing, you will receive a phone call detailing any findings, allowing the immediate administration of any medication if required. The following day a written report and another free test kit will be posted out to you. 


For a more detailed season analysis the following options are available; 

(i) An Old bird season test pack.
(ii) A Young bird season test pack.
(iii) A full
Racing Season Test Pack.

The Old bird and Young bird season test packs each contain 5x full test kits.
The full Racing Season Test Pack includes 10x full test kits. I recommend that you use these test kits throughout the duration of the racing season, sending them to us at fortnightly intervals. This helps to monitor your pigeon's health and aids to prevent any problems before they get out of control while also preventing any potentially unnecessary treatments. 

Upon request, at the end of the race season and after receiving all of your test kits, we can provide you with a summary of your lofts findings for a small fee. This will help you identify the specific health problems encountered within your loft, for that particular season.

This End of Season Summary will be an invaluable tool in highlighting both products & treatments that DID and DID NOT work within your loft, during this period.

An Old bird season test pack  £80 /€100

A Young bird season test pack  £80 /€100

A full racing season test pack  £150 /€200


A box of test kits can be sent out to your club upon request.

Club visits can be arranged in the case of 8 club members or more requiring tests.

Req test kit(s)


”A must before the racing season and essential before all major Nationals & Classics” 
Geoffrey Douglas
Wilton Cross H.P.S


 “I had my birds all treated regularly with a well known product. But when my birds were tested soon after the treatment had finished they were found to be heavily infested which proved the product I was using was inferior.” 
- Joe Brown
Blackwatertown W.E


 “Definitely a must do in a pigeon health care programme.” 
- Sid Collins
Doagh & District H.P.S


“Recommend it as a definite must! Far cheaper than blind treating.”
-Gerard Adair
Crossgar H.P.S

"I met Ryan when I had to leave the sport for health reasons, but if I was still racing I would be using Pigeon Diagnostics services regularly" 
- Colin Gibson
Corcreeney H.P.S

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